List of best stubble trimmers of 2018

Suave men with beards know one thing: Having the best stubble trimmer is the key to a sharp look. Well-kept stubble looks good and can accentuate your facial features. Unkempt stubble, on the other hand, looks messy – it will seem like you haven’t shaved in days.

We’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best beard trimmers, sorted by price. This list will help you get the trimmer that makes you look sharp. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find the best trimmer for your money here.

How to choose the Best Stubble Trimmer 2018

best stubble trimmer

Before launching into the top five choices on the market today, we’d like to explain how to choose the best stubble trimmer – these are the guidelines we went by when compiling the list.

You should be asking yourself these five questions before making your decision:

  1. Does the trimmer have the correct length setting for my beard?
  2. How much does the trimmer cost?
  3. Does the trimmer have beaming customer reviews (mostly 4- and 5-star)?
  4. How long does the trimmer hold a charge?
  5. Are there any extra bells and whistles that come with the unit?

Best Stubble Trimmer for Men

Now, look below for the best stubble trimmers, and keep those questions in mind as you browse.

#1 Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100 Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100 with adjustable length settings (Model # QT4000/42)

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Despite its low price, the BeardTrimmer 3100 from Philips is a pretty solid stubble trimmer.

  • 10 adjustable length settings for accurate shaves.
  • The blades get sharper over time, meaning you won’t have to replace the trimmer a few months from now.
  • 45 minute charge time for using it in the car and going on trips.
  • Handy design that’s relatively soft on the skin.

The only real downside here is that with a lower price point, you don’t get the length that you might need for longer beards. The built-in settings stop at ¼ inch, and there is no option to add on an attachment.

If your beard is shorter than ¼ of an inch and you’re on a budget, the Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3100 is a very safe bet.

#2 Axe Philips Norelco XA4003/42 Stubble Trimmer Axe Philips Norelco XA4003/42 Stubble Trimmer

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With a mere $5 increase, you can double the number of length settings from #1 (20 total). And as with #1, all of the settings are lockable, so you just adjust, shave, and look good.

With the $5 increase you also get a detachable head, which makes cleaning the unit take under a minute.

If you’ve ever tried using a dirty electric shaver or stubble trimmer, you know how gross and imprecise it can be.

The only downside is that you lose 10 minute of charge time (35 minutes instead of 45 minutes) and the blades don’t sharpen themselves.

If charge time and self-sharpening blades are important to you, go with #1. If you prefer ease of use and customization, go with the Axe Philips Norelco XA4003/42 Stubble Trimmer.

#3 TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper KitTRYM II

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As far as electric stubble trimmers go, you don’t get any more badass than the TRYM II.

This is a machine that will look great on your bathroom counter, and you’ll feel like a king when you use it every morning.

Aesthetics aside, it’s a pretty solid trimmer, too. The blades are extremely sharp, the battery lasts forever (users report over an hour), and there are four attachments (1.8mm, 3mm, 6mm, & 9mm).

Sure, that’s not 10 or 20 different length settings, but those are the “standard” beard lengths for most men.

The unit also includes a cleaning brush (the head is not detachable) and even blade oil for an intensely precise shave. If you value precision and sleekness over a multitude of length settings, the TRYM II is right up your alley.

#4 Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3500 Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 3500, cordless with adjustable length settings

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Once you pass the $30 mark, you start getting into some serious stubble trimmers.

The next two are by far the best on this list, but they’re also the most expensive.

The BeardTrimmer 3500 from Philips boasts 20 different length settings, double the amount of the other Philips offering on this page (#1). Aside from that, the 3500 stands out from that other offering in three ways:

  1. Good for sensitive skin – rounded design means very little or no irritation. You can go as fast as you’d like and not worry about nicking yourself.
  2. A huge 90-minute battery – and it takes only an hour to charge fully.
  3. The blades are titanium, not steel – you’ll notice the difference immediately when you perform your first shave. Titanium is just… better.

As long as you’re buying an electric stubble trimmer in the first place, we’d recommend spending just a little bit more and going with one of the best.

#5 Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300 Philips Norelco BeardTrimmer 7300

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The BeardTrimmer 7300 is the Rolls Royce of stubble trimmers. That sounds lame, but we’re serious. This thing cannot be beat.

  • When you shave, the unit automatically vacuums up your stubble, meaning you can shave in the car without having to worry about cleanliness.
  • 18 length settings from 1/32 inch up to 23/32 inch.
  • You can go as low as 1/64 inch with a special setting, allowing you to get that “5 o’clock shadow” look whenever you want it.
  • “Turbo power boost” – when you’re in a jam, press this button and your unit will operate even more efficiently. Of course, it drains the battery faster, but it’s good for when you need to go really

If you can afford to spend $50, you will never have to replace or upgrade this stubble trimmer. With the cash to spend, this is the best choice you can make out of all of the best stubble trimmers on this list.

Scroll up, review each product, see which one suits your needs the best, and make the purchase. You’ll get the unit from Amazon in a few days, and when you do, you’ll be able to look sharp – and not unkempt like all of the other guys around you.

Best Beard Trimmer Reviews

When it comes to Beard Trimmers, you need to go for the best. Here we review the best of them found in the market today.

Dude! You need a better Beard trimmer!

Hey man! I am just a “Dude” after all! I don’t spend hours at my local Wal-Mart checking out Beard trimmers, but it is the new age… And you can just hit up the internet to check out what will work best for you! So, today’s topic will be beard trimmers… And what to look for when buying them.

Most of us guys are not too picky when it comes to beard trimmers, we just want one that will do the job. But when we run across a beard trimmer that just doesn’t perform, we can get pretty annoyed!

That’s when we put on our eye glasses and do some research, luckily, I’m here to help a dude out! I will talk about some things to look for when buying a beard trimmer and my past experiences.

When it comes to beard trimmers, I would rather spend a little extra to get a quality trimmer that will do the job all the time.

I tend to shy away from those cheap below $20 trimmers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work… I have used a trimmer in the $20-$40 price range and they work well, but beard trimmers in that price range usually don’t have a manufacture warranty, that is a warranty from the company itself, so if you purchase from Amazon chances are you still get the warranty along with Amazon’s return policy. Same goes for local stores, etc.

The warranty probably won’t matter if your buying a $50 plus beard trimmer, Panasonic has some great trimmers, I have been using their trimmers for a long time, along with Panasonic is Philips.

What to Look For When Buying A Beard Trimmer

Best Beard Trimmer

Lets talk more about the trimmers itself. When I look for a beard trimmer, I want something that is easy to maneuver and feels “just right” on my hands, bulky trimmers can get annoying and usually I need to get used to them over time.

I also make sure the beard trimmers have adjustable length settings, I hate the ones with cheap “levers”. One thing to keep in mind is how long the trimmers battery will last, your best bet would be one that is powered by a Lithium Ion battery.

Some trimmers even have integrated vacuums for a mess free trim, and yes, they work! Keeping things simple is key, I just look for a trimmer that will both be easy to use and get the job done.

Reviews of the 4 Best Beard Trimmer in the Market Today

Consumer Personal Reviews of the best beard clippers. You are advised to do your own proper research before purchasing. We do our best to bring you the every best.

 Andis Master Hair Clipper Review

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My review of the Master hair clipper by Andis is below along with a Pros and Cons table. Andis Master Hair Clipper

Got my Andis Master Hair Clipper in today, and so far I am pleased with my first test run and the product overall.

The product came in well packaged and safely packed by Amazon, it also came in right on time.

I usually would spend about $50 on a clipper, but I wanted something that will hopefully last and get the job done.

I think I have made the right choice with this clipper… I like the feel, and build quality, it is not flimsy and bulky like some other brands I have used.

One thing that slightly concerned me was it became a bit hot the first 2-3 minutes of use, then became cool again.

I am hoping that over time it won’t become an issue, but from past experience it usually happens with new clippers.

Andis is a good and reliable brand, my local barber shop uses both Oster and Andis products. This recommendation came from my barber.

I was told that this clipper is more to the “Professional use” side, but with the price being so fair I am more than glad to spend a extra $20 to get quality, a wise decision indeed…


  • This is a Professional Hair clipper near the price of a “Home” clipper, beats the competitors easily.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Looks expensive, great build quality and Powerful


  • A bit heavy
  • Will overheat after about 25 mins of use, if you are a barber be sure to keep it cool!

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OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

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Short review of the Oster Fast Feed pivot clipper.

I got my Oster clipper about 3 days ago, and in this review I will outline the Pros and Cons of this clipper (chart below) and any thoughts I have on it. Lets begin!

Firstly, this clipper is cheap, but don’t let the price fool you. Oster is quality, I have been purchasing only Oster clippers/products for the last 6 years and will be for years to come.

I used Wahl before, but wasn’t impressed by their clippers (Bulky and noisy). Although I myself am not a professional barber,

I cut my own hair and have been doing so for 6 years, so when it comes to cutting your own hair, the Oster Pivot clipper will do. They also include four blade attachments, sizes listed below:

  • 1/2”
  • 1/4”
  • 3/8”
  • Blending

When it comes to cutting other peoples hair, I can’t promise that this will perform perfectly, and if you are a barber, you should look for more expensive alternatives.

I highly recommend Oster and I am sure that other professional barbers will gladly recommend Oster. Below is a quick Pros and Cons chart, Enoy! Hope I helped a few decide.


  • Good Quality
  • Easy to use
  • Sound is not too loud (Your ears will thank you!)


  • None that i can think of.

Click Here to Buy this OSTER Fast Feed Adjustable Pivot Motor Clipper

Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System

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I deserve a E-Smack for not buying this grooming system years ago, can someone send me one? Joking aside, I am super glad I purchased this. Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System

I never used a Philips product, ever, but so far so good, I can definitely say I am pleased with this “Rolls Royce” of a machine!

I am just a regular guy so I’m not picky about colors and little details like that, but when I groom I want it to be easy and quick!

I owned the Philips Norelco G370 for about a month now, and thought It deserves a review!

First thing that caught my eye is the price, it is indeed expensive but once you buy this you won’t be needing another grooming system for a very long time, and it is really easy to use, hassle free… Totally worth the money.

I love the design, its sleek and slim, easy to maneuver. Philips really did a solid job on providing a quality product that will get the job done all of the time.

I am very pleased with it and I only had it for a month, will definitely recommend this grooming system to family and friends.

It’s not everyday I find myself talking about grooming with my buddies, but when something improves my life even in the slightest way, I will find myself talking about it.

I listed all of the pros above, but there is just one Con. You cannot operate it on A/C power and that can get annoying, it must be charged then unplugged to be used, other then that the system is great.


  • Easy to Maneuver and Hassle free to use
  • Great quality


  • Cannot operate on A/C Power alone

That’s all I got to say about this grooming system, give it a go.

Click Here to Buy Philips Norelco G370 All-in-1 Grooming System

Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper Review Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper

A few days ago I came home to a package with a smile, Amazon of course! As I opened the package I hoped that it wasn’t the only thing that would have a smile on it, I can certainly say that it wasn’t :).

After owning the Oster Model 10 Hair Clipper, I wish I purchased it sooner!

This is the first Oster product I have purchased, and I got to say, Oster is the Mercedes of hair clippers. The sound is not obnoxious and annoying, and that is a great bonus.

The Hair clipper size is also perfect (I am a Male), it is not too small and not super bulky, I can’t stand Hair clippers on the bulky side.

When it comes to the price, personally I think you get what you pay for, and in this case Oster over delivers. The Hair Clipper is QUALITY! And if you are a barber or cut hair frequently then you should go with Oster.

My barber has been cutting my hair for over 7 years, and he recommended that I go with Oster. A huge Pro is that the blades are fixed and not low quality adjustable levers, I have always found them annoying. Below is a list of Pro’s and Con’s:


  • Sounds Clean, not noisy.
  • Exceptional Build quality
  • Just as good as $300+ Clippers


  • More on the smaller side (For those who prefer Bigger/Bulky clippers

A bit awkward to hold at first, something to get used to.

Click Here to Buy Oster Model 10 Clipper

Keep it Clean With A Nose Hair Trimmer

Every adult human has nostril hair. Its function is filtering out fine foreign particles from entering our body through the nasal cavity.

The nose hair is different from microscopic cilia inside the nostril. In women, the hair growth is less. When the adult male reaches middle age, there is a spurt in the growth of nose hair. This of course is related to hormonal changes.

Doctors suggest that people with high density of nasal hair belong to the low risk category of rhinitic (related to the nose) and pulmonary (related to the lungs) diseases.

Example, Asthma. This is because the hair in the nostrils prevents any foreign particle suspended in the air and which is not visible to our naked eyes like pollen grains, bugs, bacteria and allergens from entering our lungs through our nose.

All said and done, who likes to look unkempt with a brush of hair hanging out from their nose? If the hair in the nostrils is long enough to jut out of the nose, surely it is time to trim them.

Conscious men over the years have used tweezers (ouch!), sort of like women who used tweezers for their eyebrows. But that can be a painful process, given the fact that the skin in the nose is extremely sensitive and even slightest damage to the skin can be very uncomfortable and also makes it vulnerable to infection.

A nose trimmer is an easy, less painful and a quicker way to trim hair in the nostrils than pulling at each hair carefully with tweezers. Here is our list of the top five Nose Trimmers.

  1. TRYM nose

The sleek Trym nose’s blades are made from steel and cut hair like knife on butter. A built in LED light guides the person. The trimmer comes with a two year guarantee.

  1. WAHL 5546-200

This multi electric trimmer can clip hair from nose, ear and brow. It has a solid body with superb battery. Equipped with mini LED light, it helps to trim in the nostril alleys.


It is made from stainless steel and therefore it will never rust or corrode. It has patented rotary cutting blades that gently trim the hair and does not come in contact with skin. The cleaning is also easy. The guarantee is for a lifetime.


Its ultra sharp chromium steel blade has skin guard technology which pulls the hair gently without nicks and cuts to skin. It has a non slip rubber handle and works on lithium AA batteries. It comes with a two year warranty.


The heavy duty steel body ensures longevity. It is water resistant and cleaning it is easy. It comes with a built in LED lamp for a guided trim. It follows a lifetime replacement policy.

A final word of caution is in this that a little bit of nasal hair is indeed healthy and therefore one should only trim the nose hair that crosses the nasal cavity. Don’t dig around inside and end up damaging your mucous membrane!