Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Series With Dual Shock Absorbers And Much More!

There are chances that shaving or trimming back hair may not be easy task for you on your own. The task can be simplified with Mangroomer ultimate pro back shaver and trimmer. In present time this product is also considered as best rated product online. It is equipped with powerful sharp shaver and trimmer that works best on your scalp and face region.

General Specs

The product comes equipped with dual shaving head attachments that are interchangeable. Apart from this when purchasing you are also provided with back groomer (1.8 inch) that can be used to trim or shave wider areas. The product is also equipped with body foil that can be used by anyone when eliminating back hair.

The ultimate pro back shaver is also provided with a unique flexible neck that acts as shock absorber when shaving or trimming. Being flexible it is possible for anyone to rotate the head through different angle when using it. This feature will also enable you to maintain perfect contour when trimming short hair.
Mangroomer Ultimate

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Series With Dual Shock Absorbers

This feature ensures that you get to experience comfortable shave and trimming at the back region of your scalp. It is also equipped with special anti-allergic hypo quality blades that eliminate skin irritation when trimming or shaving. The blades are also crafted out of special material made up of stainless steel so you can be sure that they don’t get rusted for a longer period of time.

Apart from this even when washing he blades you don’t have to worry about them being rusted. The rubber handle provided is extendable type that can help you reach even difficult corners when shaving. The handle is provided with better grip that ensures that you get to reach any place easily. In case you are using it at a very sensitive area you can also lock the blades in that position so it does not rotate.

This feature offers users with desired angle when shaving or trimming. One main benefit is the battery provided which can be recharged easily in less time without much power consumption. The gadget is also equipped with LED indicator so you are sure how much charge is balance when using it.

Technical specs

It is certain that the manufacturers have offered quality shaving kit for an affordable price. The power shaver is equipped with dual shaving heads and each one of them is provided with shock absorbing head. When using you may find that the special rubber handle offers with unique grip even when your palm is wet. As it is completely water resistant so you can also use it under the shower.

The shaving head is wider in length with around 1.8 inch shaving head. This feature ensures that when shaving all unwanted hair are eliminated in a single stroke. You just need to spend much less time shaving all your facial and scalp hair.

The kit is also provided with quality long life adapter and charger. Apart from this when purchasing you also get to use the manual and protective cover. Many people purchase this product as it offers with convenience of eliminating back hair easily. This product offers with inexpensive and painless shaving experience.Mangroomer Ultimate
The design is also very much sleek making it easy to carry anywhere when travelling. The product is very much light weight and can be rotated through different angles when using. The special rechargeable battery offers with long lasting life in a single charge.


• Compact and sleek design makes it easy to use anywhere and at any time.
• Special plastic handle offers people with improved griping feature.
• Dual head blades offer with much closer shaving and trimming features.
• Protective cover offers it with unique protection against damage when travelling.
• Rechargeable battery ensures you can use it for long hours in a single charge.


• Not much con factors stated by users till date.


Most men prefer purchasing this product because it offers them with convenience of using it even in difficult reaching places. Being affordable it is certain that you get the best product to buy for low price. Along with being economical you can always ensure that you get a very close shave. The product is better known for its simplicity offering with simple functionality. The special design is made so it can easily reach even most difficult regions at your back.

Mangroomer Ultimate Pro Back Series With Dual Shock Absorbers