Gillette Fusion Proglide Styles 3-in-1 Men’s Body Groomer with Beard Trimmer

Men who need to trim their bread or side burns generally find it difficult performing the task using their regular sized trimmer or razor. Gillette proglide 3 in 1 men’s trimmer and groomer certainly is the right choice for anyone. It certainly is considered as all in one men’s care appliance offering with complete solutions to your shaving and trimming problems.

General Specs

Even if it is a Gillette product still the gadget is powered by motor that is developed by Braun company. The company is well known to having manufacturing genuine quality motors for over 100 years. They are better known to manufacture cordless types of electric trimmers and shavers. The Gillette fusion 3 in 1 men’s trimmer is one product that has been tested for its performance by Dermatologists. The electric trimmer is best gadget for any skin type especially if you are having sensitive skin.

It certainly does offer men with even and effortless shaving and trimming. When shaving you may find using it very much comfortable. So if you are looking around for trimmer that trims your hair right from the bottom then Gillette fusion is the right option for you. The Gillette fusion proglide series does not run on rechargeable battery but it works on normal battery. When purchasing you get a set of batteries for free for convenience factor.
Gillette Fusion Proglide Styles

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styles 3-in-1 Men’s Body Groomer with Beard Trimmer

One main advantages of using Gillette product is that they are all wet and dry type of trimmers and shavers. This means that you can use them of both wet and dry surface. Apart from this being water proof you can also clean it under running tap water. It is also possible for you to shave even when you are having bath under the shower. Another main benefit of using Gillette proglide is that you can use it along with creams, gel or even lotions.
Gillette is a well reputable company that is partnered with Braun and presently produces quality men’s grooming products including trimmers and shavers.

You can make use of this product as a trimmer or shaver to remove excess hair from your face region. It is slender in shape and easy to hold when shaving. The external design and motor are made smaller in size for convenient usage.

The electric shaver is offered with slim and trim design that has a very unique elongated design with external blue backing. The company logo it marked at the top of the shaver and is also provided with a blue base. Apart from this the shaver is also provided with special indentations on the front side such that it offers you with perfect grip. It is a quality hand held shaver and trimmer with a very narrow head at front and side. Gillette Fusion Proglide Styles

If you are using one then it is certain that you may find it moves easily on your face. It is also possible to trim latest styles for your facial hair. In present time this is also one of the best cordless shaver available. As the product is manufactured by Gillette so it is certain that it is equipped with quality blades that are long lasting and hardened. They are created to offer with smooth and close shave. When shaving you may never experience dry skin or red scars on your face.

The shaver head is also provided with a set of four blades for closer and cleaner shave. The blades are also offered with precise edge that is hardened. This feature ensures that you get to style your beard with line edge that is well defined. As the blades are all facing the same side so you don’t have to worry about rotating the shaver when using it.

Manufacturers have crafted the holder out of plastic material that is much durable and attractive. Apart from this you can also use the holder to hold other shaver heads. When purchasing, you may get four different attachments along with Gillette proglide in the same box. You can always make your own selection according to the length of the beard hair. You certainly will get to make use of different comb lengths for trimming and shaving. This means that you can always try out different styles and lines.


• Since it is water proof so it offers with unique versatility.
• When purchasing you get three different length combs that can be used for styling your beard and hair.
• The blades are crafted out of unique material and precision edge.
• The trimmer makes use of unique Braun technology that is of world class.


• You may find that the design is very much like traditional razor.
• Does not work on rechargeable batteries but can be used cordless over traditional battery set.
• As it works on battery so it does not offer with long lasting battery life.


Gillette has manufactured proglide for men who are having optimum length of facial hair. You can also custom design your beard style and hair lines. It offers with unique functionality of a shaver and a trimmer at the same time. Selection of combs can be made on the basis of the length of your hair.
It offers with both wet and dry shave so you just don’t have to worry when using it under running water to clean it. Because it can be rinsed so you can always maintain perfect hygiene every time you shave or trim. The shaver is also available online for affordable price range that is under $20. There are no hidden charges that you may have to pay to get all its accessories when purchasing. When purchasing you will also get a genuine trimmer, a pack of proglide cartridge, different types of combs, holder and an additional battery. The moment you receive your package you can start using it without bothering about purchasing battery.

One main benefit is the design that is slim and so it is very easy to use and handle around difficult curves on your face. Over all it is a perfect men’s grooming tools available today.

Gillette Fusion Proglide Styles 3-in-1 Men’s Body Groomer with Beard Trimmer