Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer – 9906-717 Product Review

The product is available on major online eCarts and eCommerce websites for an affordable price. If you are looking around for a perfect durable men’s trimmer that is under $15, then this is the right option available for you in any online store. This is a multi-purpose trimmer and electric shaver that can be used for trimming Beard and moustache.

Technical Specs

Wahl Beard trimmer 9906 is a special battery operated cordless beard and moustache trimmer. Manufacturers have ensured that its ergonomic shape is well suited for perfect handling. It offers you with quality outline shape on any facial type. Apart from this the trimmer is also provided with components that are delicate touch type for a gentle grasp.

The edges are crafted out of high quality carbon material such that you can use it for a longer time without thinking of replacement. The trimmer is also designed to offer you with at least 7 different trimming lengths that are of adjustable type. You can always ensure that with different length you get a perfect beard trimmed.
Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer
The special edges are hardened and offer you with maximum accuracy when trimming beard or moustache. Every time you use it you are certain that you get a perfect shave and trim unfailingly. With this equipment you can always ensure to get a perfect carefree trim for goatee, facial hair, moustache and beard. You can also use it for trimming hair in your neck region.

The special ergonomic shape offers you with perfect movement on any face type with maximum accuracy. When using it you certainly will face no issues for shaping your moustache and beard. Apart from this the kit also includes a special guide searches that you can make use of for giving yourself any looks. This will help you change your looks every time you trim.

Wahl Beard Battery Trimmer

The equipment is also offered with a quality capacity base that is helpful in sorting out all possible adornments and leaves a smooth looks on your face. When purchasing you also get a special cleaning brush that can be used after every usage. Apart from this you also get a packet of cutting oil for the blades and a twin set of AA battery type. So the moment you receive your shipment you can ensure that it can be used without much delays.

One main benefit here is that when you purchase this trimmer you also get an extended three year warranty life so if any issues then you can always get its replacement.


  • It is an electric trimmer so you can use it with AA battery type. No need of using it with cords connected.
  • The design is very much ergonomic and sleek offering a perfect grip.
  • The product offers you with a three year warranty on the product.


  • No such negative reviews till date.


The special trimmer is available for an affordable price range and is durable product. The shape and designs are just not compromised by the manufacturers in any way. You may find that the sleek body shape makes the grip very much easy, especially when using with wet hands.

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