TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit 2016 Review

The TRYM II is an upgrade of the original rechargeable hair clipper with noteworthy improvements from the earlier version. The new version is said to be a professional quality product that comes with an affordable price tag.

With stronger battery life and blade, TRYM IIout-powers its predecessor with better results. Most consumers who have used the earlier versions are said to be pleasingly surprised by the remarkable improvements in the cut and power of this second generation device.



The sleek design combined with the strong motor has made TRYM II – The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit a desirable product today.So, let’s uncover the good things and the bad things about this product to make a better purchase decision.

TRYM II Review

Good Looks

At first glance, the product is eye-catching. The first thing that you will notice about the product is the modern, minimalistic design that makes it a perfect item to showcase on your bathroom counter top.

The sleek appearance will match almost any décor out there and compliment the interior. The small base of the device will ensure that it will fit on your counter comfortably.

High-end Attachments

TRYM II - The Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit

The kit includes four attachments to provide a good and clean shaving experience. Moreover, the attachments included in the package are nice and solid. Since they are of professional grade, one doesn’t have to worry about parts breaking apart.

Customer reviews found online suggest that many consumers have been using the kit for several years with bare minimum wear and tear. This hair clipper is built to last, while withstanding day use.

Battery Life

The battery life of the hair clipper is reasonably good. The batteries are rechargeable so you don’t have to be worried about new battery expenses.

Moreover, the charging base and the AC adapter are included in the package to plug into the wall for charging. An hour of charging can ensure good use of the clipper for several shaves.

Light Weight

The compact size and the lightweight of the product definitely work in its favor considering the fact that we do spend a good amount of time on grooming our facial hairs on almost daily basis.

While other trimmers can tire your arms after a while, this lightweight hair clipper ensures that your arms don’t get tired even after several minutes of use.

Can I really expect professional results from this device?

The ultra-sharp blade along with the strong motor does offer professional results with this device. One can get a clean, smooth and perfect cut almost every time with this product.

So, this device gives you the opportunity to easily get the same results within the four walls of your home that you would expect from a visit to an expensive saloon.

Product Weakness

The only notable drawback of this product is that it requires regular cleaning. Product maintenance is a must with this device because the blades do not function well if the cleaning session is skipped on regular basis.

The blades will start to pinch or pull with constant neglect. Also, customer reviews found online suggest that the nose trimming blades can be improved to a certain extent.

Final Words

For the style and design, the Rechargeable Modern Hair Clipper Kit gets full marks. That being said, the product goes beyond the looks and appeal.

The included attachments, product durability, positive customer reviews, budget-friendly price and the good outcome make it a desirable product in the market. Moreover, users are protected with a generous 1 year warranty so satisfaction is also guaranteed

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