How Often Should You Trim Your Hair When Growing It Out?

How to trim your hair while growing in the right manner

Have you ever looked at the cutest girl in the class or the hottest girl in the office and thought to yourself,” Boy! If I had her hair length, I would look fabulous.”

Well, you’re not alone in this as almost every girl has done this once in her lifetime, and that is where you understand that it is easy to talk about growing hair and hard to do it.

Some might say that it can’t be that bad, all you have to do is let it grow. Well, it isn’t that simple. Growing out hair is an enormous task that takes a tremendous amount of time as well as taking good care of the hair.

Trimming Hair – Types to Try Out

How Often Should You Trim Your Hair When Growing It Out?

It needs to be done just right and for that, we need to guide you completely on what to do and what not to do.

When growing out hair, your focus should always remain on the part of letting it grow. Try different types of things that may help you out in growing your beautiful hair.

Some might consider herbal conditioners and shampoos for this process, but we really don’t think they’re that necessary. The herbal shampoos are a good way to help your hair wash out the dirt in an organic manner.

However, it isn’t something that would work as steroids for your hair. This is basically one of the reasons why you need guidance on the topic of growing hair so that your time never goes to waste.

Now, the next thing you need to take care of is the part where you need to trim your hair. This is where the stylist runs after you and you run as fast as you can because “you want to grow it out and don’t need trimming”.

This is one of the most stupid things that people do and end up looking like complete fools when their hair starts looking like a bird’s nest. Some might say that I’m really harsh with my comments on this topic, but I really am not.

Trimming your hair is an important part of growing hair, and that’s what most people forget to do. Some don’t even know that trimming is the right thing to go for.

As a matter of fact, they consider trimming as something that would make the process stop which is again completely the opposite and let us explain how.

Have you ever looked at your hair growing? Well, what do you see? Does it go straight down when it starts to get bigger or does it start curling up?

Trimming Hair

Well, of course, it starts curling up. That’s exactly where trimming comes in handy. Our hair is one thing that is perhaps the most amazing when grown right, but when grown wrong it can be a problem.

This is where you need to realize that trimming is important when growing hair. Now, if you’ve understood the fact that you need to live by these trimming expertise, then you also need to realize that these need to be trimmed in the right manner.

Chopping the whole thing off is something extremely stupid that we wouldn’t want you to do. What you need to do is systematically trim your hair. Let us look at a list of things that you need to focus on when trimming your hair.

When Should You Start Trimming Your Hair?

This is the first question that comes to mind when thinking of trimming hair. Trimming hair is important and needs to be done in accordance with your normal hair length.

When your hair starts exceeding your normal length by three inches, that’s when you should start trimming your hair. Be careful while trimming, though, don’t chop off more than you want by mistake, that’s just plain stupid.

Decrease it half an inch for every three inches. Once you realize that your hair is finally crossing the 3-inch mark, that’s where you should put your focus on. Never be too specific, the three-inch mark is an average so keep it that way. Nothing too strict in this process.

How often should you trim your hair when growing it out?

Now this is the next and perhaps the most important question in the whole article. How often should you trim your hair when growing it out?

The answers are mentioned above. That’s right! You need to trim it every 3 inches but when do you think these 3 inches will reach?

This is something you have to follow at first. Let them grow three inches and then notice the time of their growth. Realize how much time they are actually consuming to grow that length.

Usually, this is the time where you realize that the next three inches would grow in a similar time frame. Keep all of this in mind while trimming your hair.

How should I trim my hair?

Trimming Hair

If you’re doing it yourself, this is something harder to explain. We would want you to pay better attention to what we’re about to tell you.

Firstly, keep a sharp-edged small pair of scissors with you. A Zig-Zag shaped scissor will be ideal if you want sharp edges in your hair.

If you’re someone that wants a specific kind of trim, we would advise you to visit your hair stylist as this can go wrong in many different ways. Always trim in a fast action, a slower action cuts the hair in a different manner that you wouldn’t want.

When trimming what should I focus on?

When trimming your hair, the focus should always be on letting the split ends disappear. Split ends are perhaps one of the main reasons why your hair faces so many problems.

Cutting down the split ends leaves only your straight hair, and that’s where your focus should always be. For bangs, we would advise a zig zag pair of scissors as mentioned previously in the article.

This is because the trimming is done in a zig zag manner which is needed for bangs so you can score a style of your choice in just the way you want and feel the difference.

For growing out your hair, trimming is one thing that you need to do in the right manner. If trimming isn’t done the right way, you’re going to end up with hair that you don’t even need. This is where you realize that trimming your hair can be a problem that you can solve yourself.

Keep your focus on growing your hair the right way, and you will soon look as good as the hot girl from the office or the cute girl from the class. Stand out in the crowd with confidence showing off your long silky hair. We wish you the best of luck.