Do You Have To Cut Your Hair For it to Grow?

The complete guide to trimming your hair while growing it out and the question a lot of people are asking: Do you have to cut your hair for it to grow? Find out below;

Flipping over the pages of your favorite fashion magazine, we’re pretty sure you’ve thought about growing out your hair to a certain length that you haven’t before.

I bet you’ve even wondered how good you would look with longer hair but at the end of the day you’ve never done it.

Don’t worry about yourself, this is something that almost every other girl/boys goes through but never ends up growing her/him hair as it is harder than it looks.

Do you have to cut your hair for it to grow?

Some people that haven’t really grown it before consider it as an easy task which doesn’t require anything. I mean how hard can it be? You just have to let it grow.

Well, trust me when I say that it isn’t as easy as it might sound to you right now. Growing out your hair is something that takes a lot of time and needs to be done just right for you to look the best. It is something that you need to perfect it and this is where we need to put your focus on.

The common mistake that most people make is when they just let their hair grow and do nothing about it.For growing out your hair in just the right manner, you need to also focus on getting something that might cheer you up about your hair.

Most of the people think that herbal shampoos and such products are the answer to this, well, they really aren’t.They are an awesome way for you to wash your hair in an organic manner but isn’t what you’re considering it to be.

They aren’t steroids for your hair and they won’t magically make it as long as you want. This is perhaps one way to get your things done with organic supplements, but nothing more than that.

Do you have to cut your hair for it to grow

Do you have to cut your hair for it to grow?

The next part is the important one and it is regarding haircuts. But hey, weren’t you supposed to NOT cut them? Well, yeah but they need to be cut a little to grow right.

The most stupid thing that people end up doing in such cases is when they don’t listen to any advice and start trimming it.

Some may consider us being very harsh with these comments but we’re really just talking facts. Hair trimming is a vital and essential part of growing your hair in the right manner, and ironically that’s what majority of the people don’t do.

Some even think that it is something that shouldn’t be done and even stop others from doing it. Some are so stupid that they even stop trimming to the limit where people start pointing and laughing but they don’t seem to care.

Do you ever notice your hair when it’s growing? If you have, can you describe what you observed?Some might say it goes straight down but we think they need spectacles as hair always starts curling up.

Hair curling up is one of the most common things that most people don’t pay attention to. That’s where cutting hair from time to time is something that you can use.

Hair is something that needs to be maintained in the right manner to look good, when not done right you look bad. So, what you need to realize is that trimming is a very important part of growing hair.

Now that you’ve finally considered living a trim free life, then you need to make sure that you have everything in shape for you and we’re going to guide you with that.

Chopping it all off is the stupidest thing you can do, so put that scissor away for a minute. We’ve arranged a step by step way of making sure that you get everything right when cutting your hair.

When does your hair need a trim?

Do you have to cut your hair for it to grow?

When cutting your hair a little, this is the very first thing that you think of.Well, for that you need to know what your current hair length actually is.

As seen in normal cases i.e. 70% of the time, you need to be sure about what you do and how you do it.However, you need to be very careful when you trim as one bad move and you’re going to need a huge haircut.

For every 3 inches, start trimming or cutting your hair a little. Once it reaches the 3 inch mark, get your scissors out but until it doesn’t keep the scissors in your drawer. Don’t be way too specific. One bad move and you can face a huge problem. Watch some YouTubed videos for precision.

What time do I cut my hair?

This is another question that we get a lot and to be very honest, it is one of the most important questions that you can get. When should you cut your hair i.e. what time?

We’ve already told you the answer to that. 3 inches is the answer and three inches are what you need to watch out for.

This is something you have to follow at first. The first three inches are the ones you need to keep an eye on. Keep a trigger locked on the time they need to reach 3 whole inches.

Now focus again when they start growing, at some time you realize that the next three inches took the same amount of time.All of this needs to be on your mind!

How should a hair trim be done?

How should a hair trim be done?

If this is something that you need to do yourself, then you better sit right and read carefully. Pay attention to what needs to happen and that’s what you need to be sure of.

The first thing you need to do, is keep a sharp edged scissor with a small blade. If you want yourself some bangs, then a hair trim would be best with a zig zag shaped scissor.

If you’re someone that needs a different sort of trim, then you need to realize that you need help of a stylist. If you’re doing it yourself, don’t take too much time in cutting your hair. One split action should do the trick.

Where you need to focus on?

The split ends are the main target for you to focus on. They are perhaps one of the main reasons why your hair faces so many problems.

Chopping only the split ends off will leave you with only straight hair with one end. That’s what you ideally need.If someone needs bangs, then you know that zig zag scissors are the thing for you.

These sort of scissors provide you an ideal look with bangs. If you’re still unsure about doing it and feel like your hand is shaking, GO TO A STYLIST. This is what they do the best, let them do it right and you will never suffer with hair problems.

Hence, cutting your hair is something that ironically helps in growing your hair. Keep in mind though, that if trimming isn’t done right then you’re going to end up with a lot of problems.

This is where you realize that trimming you hair is the problem that you need to solve on your own.

With grown hair like you aim to, you will look no less than the super models on the front page of your favorite magazine. Make sure you’ve done it right and you’ll get it done better. We wish you best of luck!