Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit # 79602

When purchasing hair cut trimmer kit you need something that is very much sturdy and is equipped with multiple accessories and is a powerful clipper. Most products you find online certainly meet the challenge but nothing can offer you with world class performance as compared to Elite Pro high performance clipper by Wahl.
It offers with multiple specialties including attractive and affordable price, stainless steel crafted comb sets and secure fittings. Let’s try and elaborate these factors to see what it Wahl offers for the best price.

Technical Specs

• Elegant and stylish Comb set and shear.
• Stainless steel crafted set of clipper guards ranging from 0.5 to 0.8 and 1 inch cuts.
• Exclusive barbers cape (28 X 40 inch).
• Covers for clipper blades, shear blade, cleansing brush and clipper oil.
• Metal guards equipped with storage bags for maximum protection
• A very protective storage case for the entire clipper Pro Elite high performance Wahl.

As you can see that Wahl offers with exclusive sets included in the Wahl Elite pro high performance clipper set that certainly is not offered by any other product in this price range. Wahl certainly is a dominating brand name in the world of hair cutting products. With the Pro Elite type it is certain that Wahl has managed to take a few steps ahead as compared to others.

Wahl Elite Pro

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Wahl Elite Pro offers with powerful output that is more tangible. The clipper in itself is very much sturdier and premium quality product. Apart from this, the external body is crafted out of durable hard plastic material blended perfectly with chromium colored lines running across in exclusive pattern.
The product is also equipped with a very powerful yet silent motor that performs much better as compared to any other products available. Even if you have a bulkier volume or thick hair type still Elite pro offers with best results. When lifting it you may find that it offers with perfect hand grip even if the model is a bit heavier making it an ideal home clipper kit.

The equipped blades offer with very precise cut even if you are having volumetric or problematic hair in the beard region. The bottom line is that the product offers with superior quality blade set and powerful motor that offers with a very smooth shave.

The blades are crafted out from stainless steel that are self sharpening such that when shaving you just don’t have to worry much about maintenance factor. Her you get to make use of a perfect hoe clipper kit system to groom your beard and facial hair. No matter how new you are to using the clipper for the very first time, still you may find using Elite pro grooming system easy.

Wahl Elite Pro

One main advantage here is that the equipped guards are crafted out of plastic and metal material making it very safe for using. As the material is very much durable so you don’t have o worry about breaking it when using. The clipper blade guard is secure fit offering with maximum protection when shaving. The plastic offers with durability and metal offers with sturdiness. The clipper is also equipped with well fitted blades that offer with precise cut. When purchasing Wahl Elite pro you are given a complete set of guards ranging from 0.5 to 1 inch and additional set of combs that are made up of class material.

One down side of Elite pro is that the manufacturers decided to skip including ear tapers in the kit, but this factor does not affect much as you get to use other multiple accessories with it. One main beneficial factor is that the kit is very much affordable. The blades are designed such that when shaving you don’t get to experience much fades as you get to experience when using any other product.


• The clipper is very easy to use offering with well built and sound external features.
• The performance factor is also exceptional making it an ideal home clipper system.
• The kit is equipped with quality high end stainless steel comb set.
• Does not offer with complex usability factor making it ideal choice for beginners.


• Lacks ear tapers for right and left ear.
• As it is durable and sturdy so it is not a light weight clipper kit.


As compared to any other Wahl product, Wahl Elite pro certainly is one of the best choice for anyone. When using you get to experience a very smooth cut. No matter what hair texture you have, Elite pro certainly can offer you with best result.
Even if the lit does not include ear taper still the steel combs will help transform your facial looks. Its strong storage case and barbers cape certainly does manage to place this product on top of the list in men’s grooming product category.

Click Here to Buy Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit # 79602